Somebody must have pressed “The “Button of Death”!!


“The Button of Death!!!!”

One of the great things about kids is their enthusiasm and creativity. British educator Ken Robinson makes the case that, too often, twelve years in the classroom (in what he calls the factory school system) effectively stifles and then eradicates these natural gifts and predilections.

So I am watching our grandchildren closely, understanding that the most critical element of the learning environment is the home. I believe that if children remain immersed in a culture of learning and creativity, where imagination and innovation are constantly valued, then there is no reason they should lose touch with that core passion, fueled by curiosity and fun, and sustained by a growing set of intellectual tools.

Anyway, David (aged 7) brought home this little creative gem from his school writing pad. Transcribed, it reads: “This is the button of death!!!! If you press it you will fall in love. You will be saying ‘Goodbye World!'”


So, wow! David and Beks are both spending the weekend with us – I’ll have to get him to translate the ambiguous ending too.

And I really want to talk some more with him about “The Button of Death!”

Happy anniversary number 67!

This is also timely because today is my parents’ wedding anniversary. Sixty-seven years! That is a remarkable achievement, both in terms of the longevity of the relationship and the fact that between them they are almost 179.

Somebody must have pressed The Button of Death.

Happy anniversary, mum and dad! Have an amazing weekend, everyone. I know we will – DEREK



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