Goodbye, Scoutie, dearest friend – good dog…


I’m not sure that I can do this properly. It hurts too much and I don’t want to let her down when I’m writing such an important post. I’m just not convinced that I can make the appropriate connection between my heart and my words, at least not deeply enough, not with the thirteen-plus years of love and trust and devotion we have all shared.

To say that Scout was a “good dog” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I know we all experience loss, and love our pets, and shed tears enough when they are gone. But this relationship was something extra, something special, something that – quite frankly – surprised me.

1-IMG_4924Scout Labradoodle was Rebekah’s dog. They fell in love with one another thirteen years ago. But she soon roped me in and not only was she my “work at home” companion but we walked (best estimation) almost 20,000 miles together, likely a lot more because when she was a puppy (for at least the first six years!) she scampered a good five miles for each two I put in.

She was a big dog too, ranging between 75 and 80 pounds, so we are conscious that this many years of vibrant life has been a rare gift. But she has been struggling for a while now and though her tail still wagged the best it could, and she did her absolute utmost to be with us (even crawling up the stairs at bedtime at the end) this week there was no doubt that it was time for her journey to come to a close.

There is no denying that this is so very hard. Rebekah and I both feel a heavy, heavy weight on our hearts and we have cried so much this afternoon (Wednesday) and we feel the loss of her all the way to the core of our souls.

1-IMG_4945At the same time we are so very grateful. If we were unwilling to ever grieve then we would never risk love, and the amazing gift of so many years of such a faithful, genuine story would not have been ours. We are richer because of Scout and always will be.

So goodbye you playful, funny, affectionate, loyal, rambunctious, long-haired, disheveled, devoted, loving and lovable Scoutie, Labradoodle extraordinaire.

I’m sure this won’t be the last time I write about you. I do not know what Heaven will look like, but if God is as deeply invested in my joy as I believe, then we will play with you again, along with Mozart (my Bichon) and Lassie (Golden Retriever) and the cats, Darth and Scratch.

I love you, Scout Labradoodle, Rebekah and I both do – and it’s going to take a long while to get over this. But like I said, we are so grateful that you chose us all those years ago. Good dog, Scoutie, great dog.


Photos from Monday (outside) and today



31 thoughts on “Goodbye, Scoutie, dearest friend – good dog…

  1. Derek and Rebekah, you’ve been in our prayers today. We know how difficult this is and want you to know that we are here if you need anything.

    Love, Gayle and John

    On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 5:31 PM Light, Grace, Invitation & Promise wrote:

    > derekmaul posted: ” I’m not sure that I can do this properly. It hurts too > much and I don’t want to let her down when I’m writing such an important > post. I’m just not convinced that I can make the appropriate connection > between my heart and my words, at least not deeply en” >


  2. Reg DIckey

    One of the hardest and saddest days was when I took our 14 year old Lab to the vet for the last time. Had to lift her into my truck but she thought we were going to make a trip to the dog park so she managed a tail wiggle or two. Later that day, she was place in our back yard where she had enjoyed chasing low flying black birds and digging up anything I had planted; just trying to help.
    Old story:
    The pastor was telling the youth Sunday School class about how much they were loved by God and how wonderful heaven would be. He noticed that one of the boys had a long sad face so he asked him “Johnny, what’s the matter”? “Well Pastor, I don’t feel very happy because my pet dog who I’ve had most all my life just died”. He went on and asked “Pastor, do dogs go to heaven”?
    The Pastor thought for a moment then said, “Well Johnny, when you get to heaven, you just call him.”

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  3. Marilyn Wade

    I remember your telling about Rebekah bringing Scout home. And I’ve loved reading your stories about her through the years. My heaven will surely have my beloved pets as will yours.

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  4. I am so very sorry to her about Scoutie!! I know how much you loved her and she loved you. She was also very lucky to have such a warm wonderful life with you both. My Lucy just left us in January. She was almost 14. It leaves such a gaping hole in your heart but you love them way to much to allow them to suffer. I love you both and am sending a lot of hugs and love. ❌⭕️

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  5. Trish

    I know you know you did the right thing, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. Our fur-babies are Yes have much a part of our family as are kids. Keeping you in my thoughts Andy prayers during this time of sadness.

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    1. Grace Maul

      Scout has visited us almost Every day for the last 5 years and we’ll miss her So… Very Much !!I TOLD HER ALL THIS ON tUES AND I’m SURE SH UNDERSTOOD !!


  6. xenojoe

    Sad, but wonderful story. We lost our beloved Cocker Spaniel several years ago, and it nearly put us under. I don’t think we have ever recovered. Our Vet was very sensitive to her needs at the end, and came to our house for the ‘final” event. We were able to hold her as her life was brought to an end. We often talk about getting another pup…. then we think about having to go through the loss again, and it stills our desire.


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