who we are as unique creations of God is something eternal #birthdays

1-IMG_5477Typically I’m not a “blast from the past” person when it comes to my blog; but this photo of Rebekah came into my field of vision yesterday and I just can’t let it go.

Then – at pretty much the same moment – Gayle Akerman sent me the second photo and it was “game on.”

What gets me is how obviously Rebekah has always been the exact same person. Then it hit me: When you are totally, completely, one hundred percent authentic then people see the actual “you” more than they see the the particular age eyes height hair features etc. Rebekah has been her uncompromisingly bonafide authentic life-saturated self ever since the day we first met.

  • First this stunningly beautiful teenager holding a birthday cake back in July of 1972, more than four years before we met and had our first date.
  • Then my awesome beautiful wife with her cake and a “flat Jesus” (more on Flat Jesus another time) in July 2019 at the elders’ meeting on the evening of her birthday.

1-IMG_5466To me these two simple snapshots comprise one more item of compelling evidence that who we are as unique creations of God is something eternal, something spiritual, something more – not something limited by time and space and the parameters of this physical world.

This is an invitation to live as people created in the image of God, people designed for something much more than the temporal lifespan of sixteen, or thirty, or sixty-three, or ninety years.

Birthdays make me think, always, because they put the passage of time into clear focus. Not to think about aging so much as how we grow into the unlimited, unfettered, unbounded future God has for us. I believe we are invited to become more spiritually alive the older we grow in years as human people. That’s an opportunity I am exited to embrace!



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