public transportation in Germany and a day in Meissen


One of the many exceptional features of Dresden is the runs-all-the-time public transportation system. Trams, buses, trains. Then there are thousands riding bikes. Cars, yes, but Andrew and Alicia are on a self-drive ride-share plan and grab a vehicle for 24 hours when they need one. That’s typically only once every few months.

Rebekah and I have the routes down that we use. If we miss a tram there’s one just a few minutes behind. This is a subtle yet profound influence on quality of life for absolutely everyone. Value is community value, not simply “Does the system pay for itself in raw numbers?”

love the trains here

So yesterday we hopped a tram then a train and went over to Meissen, home of the famous porcelain factory. Again, we put in some serious walking because we went up to the castle and cathedral too.

And, because this is Germany, Flat Jesus turned some water into beer.

Back in Dresden we enjoyed a great Italian restaurant, eating – again – out in the beautiful summer air.

When I return to North Carolina I will post some amazing images and more of the story. For now, here is today’s German update.

Praying peace for everyone and every place. With love – DEREK

2 thoughts on “public transportation in Germany and a day in Meissen

  1. Great descriptions of the life style I came to love in Germany. Public transportation is a wonderful shared community value & experience. Open- air dining in the summer…it doesn’t get much better. And do you love the food, especially little stops at the Baeckerei? Enjoy!!!

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