this world is beautiful and it is rich and it is not ours to own

Pillnitz Palace and Park

Rebekah often accuses me of “shopping like a European.” What she means is that I tend to go to the store every couple of days and buy just a few things, rather than do the “Stock up at the Sams-Club and jam three weeks of food in the fridge” suburban American thing.

She has a point. But seriously, I’d much rather keep my food in the grocery store and just pick up what I need once in a while – then let Target pay to keep the freezer running. Besides, this way my fruit and vegetables tend to be fresher.

Dresden apartment life

But this week I really am shopping like a European because I happen to be in Europe. That means Andrew and I took the #3 tram into Dresden and came home with a bag stuffed with fresh vegetables and scallops and good German beer and I took over their kitchen and it was wonderful.

It was good to walk in the cool evening breeze and listen to the sounds of the city and fill the small apartment with good roasted veggie smells and relax after a long day.

Simple Pleasures:

at the palace “landing” on the Elbe

Such simple pleasures. Quite the contrast after spending the day touring the “Summer Residence” of August the Strong.

Andrew, Alicia, Rebekah and I took the bus along and over the Elbe, on into the beautiful Saxon countryside. The gardens at “Schloss Pillnitz” are extensive and interesting. The palace and its surrounds comprise one more spectacular example of what it means to suck every ounce of resource out of the world around and apply it to the self serving extravagance and pleasure of one person.

It’s a pattern I see repeated over and over, and it never seems to turn out too well for anyone.

We simply can’t live that way. This world is beautiful and it is rich and it is not ours to own. It is ours to share.

Just a thought here from the edge of what I know and at the edge of what is unknown… yet possible.

Redemption is always possible – DEREK


One thought on “this world is beautiful and it is rich and it is not ours to own

  1. Great post.

    Have never heard this: “shopping like a European”. Being European, I could not understand it. 🙂 We chose exactly what to buy and it must be quality!

    Have a wonderful day!


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