that little house in the country you always wanted… #SchlossPillnitz

palace on the Elbe

Note – I will take us back into the city of Dresden again later, but today I’m sharing another day-excursion, this time to Pillnitz Castle, or Schloss Pillnitz. 

Schloss Pillnitz is a restored Baroque palace east of Dresden, located on the bank of the River Elbe in the village of Pillnitz. The castle was the summer residence of many electors and kings of Saxony, most notably August the Strong, the flamboyantly extravagant ruler responsible for much of the excess that gives Dresden such a colorful history and rich museums.

“You are here” – walking toward the main entrance….

The four of us took the bus out to Pillnitz with plans to explore the palace and picnic on the grounds. This turned out to be the day before the baby came so Andrew and Alicia relaxed in the shade while Rebekah and I explored.

While maintaining the property according to the splendor and detail required by the electors would be labor-intensive and impossible today, the lawns and bedding plants are laid out with admirable respect for the spirit of such a Summer Residence.

Excess and Luxury Returned to the People:

Most of the magnificent buildings have been repurposed as museums and the collections are not only interesting but representative of the history of the palace and the art and industry of the region.

I especially appreciated the magnificent position the palace takes on the banks of the Elbe. The “landing” on the river elevation with a wide swarth of steps provides an imposing entrance.

our walk back to the bus

Then, arriving by carriage from the land (or walking in from the bus stop as we did), the shady avenue provides a canopy that is visually stunning and deeply peaceful at the same time.

Conspicuous excess is an interesting phenomenon. Such selfish acquisition for the sake of projecting one’s own power and cultivating an image rooted in narcissistic self-absorption, speaks to a complete misunderstanding of leadership, stewardship, and responsibility to the human community.

History is a Cautionary Study:

But this is how – so often – history is played out. It makes for interesting, and cautionary, study.

enjoying the gardens at Pillnitz

Again, Rebekah and I are so grateful that we have this opportunity to travel, and learn, and share so much from this beautiful world. Enjoy these 25 photos from Schloss Pilnitz on the Elbe.

Not your average summer getaway!

Peace – in every possible way – DEREK


2 thoughts on “that little house in the country you always wanted… #SchlossPillnitz

  1. Arcenio Ogues Jr

    Awesome place! So beautiful! Looking at it feels so close to Nature. I love those trees, the river, and garden. I can imagine myself sitting near that fountain and reading a book or writing a journal. I can sit there all day long and just feel the view.

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