45 new travel images from Dresden, Meissen, Leipzig, and Prague

There is always something going on with construction and restoration in Dresden

Today’s entry is one of two “wrap-up” posts for our epic 2019 European adventure. My recent archives feature an extensive selection of stories and photographs covering Dresden, Meissen, Leipzig, and Prague.

All I have left to share is:

  • A) Today’s collection of (the best) previously unpublished photographs (descriptions with each image).
  • B) My post summarizing the travel portion of the trip (planes, trains, buses, trams, cars, waking).

So Much Worth Sharing!

1-DSC_0784The real challenge for this trip has been the fact that I took too many really great photographs! First, the places we traveled to were exceptionally photo-worthy; then – and not really a problem – I have significantly improved my technique when it comes to framing the view through my lens.

Rebekah walking by the Elbe

So here are 45 of the best, just a sampling covering the entire trip. You may have noticed that I removed my watermark (it seemed to be in the way). Feel free to copy and utilize any of the images that you enjoy – all I ask is that you take a moment to attribute any photographs you use.

Enjoy some of the spectacular beauty we were privileged to see. Then make plans for a trip of your own. Maybe you will fall in love with Eastern Europe too.

Grateful, and happy to share – DEREK


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