Telling the story in pictures (Presbytery of New Hope Part II)


Today’s post highlights some of my favorite “people” photos from Saturday’s meeting of the Presbytery of New Hope (see Beauty, Grace, and Hospitality for Part One, architecture).

These images capture the story that is “the body” in fellowship and action. What makes a meeting of Presbytery unique is that everyone in attendance is a leader, either in the local church of regionally – some nationally. In consequence there is a sense of spiritual energy and focus in the room that’s quite remarkable.

In these photographs I seek to tell the story of:

  • Fellowship
  • Worship
  • Love and collegiality
  • Shared ministry
  • Joy
  • Mission
  • “Procedure” via motions and debates
  • Celebration
  • Commissioning
  • and more…

Some of the shots have been selected because they are such great character portraits, and some because they eloquently tell the story of passionate presentation, or intense listening.

Derek Maul in action at NRPC – Photo credit: Paul Rowland

If you enjoyed the architecture from my outside photos of North Raleigh Presbyterian Church, then you will also get a sense of the physical space inside the sanctuary too. As mentioned before, all church buildings are beautiful when they are filled with people worshipping God and engaged in the work of ministry.

If you want to see all of my photographs (around 200), then go to the Presbytery of New Hope website or Facebook page.

Here you will find 42 of my favorites. I hope you will click and scroll through – there are some remarkably expressive images here, telling a powerful story.

In love, and because of love – DEREK

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