beauty in damp, gray days, technology, and a covering of the holy

DSC_0829This persistent interval of wintery, rainy, cool weather is continuing here in Wake Forest, adding a dreary backdrop to what is a challenging time. It’s the kind of atmosphere designed for drinking coffee, reading books, and long walks with umbrella at the ready.

Reality however involves an expanded work schedule, trying to get everything done without the face-to-face that we are used to. Zoom meetings, phone calls, Skype, texts, emails, video-blogs. And prayer. It’s the prayer element that turns isolation into potential spiritual growth, and that adds a covering of the holy to phone, email, Skype, Zoom, and video.

out with my dad…

Meanwhile – and maybe it’s the fact that I grew up on a damp, cold, cloudy island – I really love the feel of this wet and overcast atmosphere. I got my dad out for a walk between rain showers and he agreed. “A touch of home…” That’s right, and when you throw in (natural) social distancing and a nice cup of tea you really are almost there.

So, with a couple of deadlines looming as well as some prep to do for this evening’s Zoom class, here are some damp, gray, dreary but beautiful photographs to enjoy.

Peace – Derek


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