we know that in all things God works for the good…

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

Friday was an interesting day. Incredibly fragmented, with all sorts of varied challenges to overcome. But there was one consistent thread, and that was Grace. Grace doesn’t make things necessarily any easier, but grace does make redemption more accessible.

First off, putting on the coffee while Rebekah caught a few extra minutes of much needed rest, I had the brainstorm that maybe early in the morning is a good time to find toilet paper (bathroom tissue, for those of you with more refined sensibilities).

Toilet Paper for the win!

So I headed to Target and made my way back (casually yet deliberately, not seeming to rush but purposefully not dawdling, nonchalant on the surface but laser-focused in my inner being) to the “paper products” aisle. This was my first foray into the TP acquisition game and I didn’t quite know what to expect. But there they were, two containers of the blessed paper sitting right in the middle of two long stark, empty, aisles of shelving. I moved in without hesitating, took just the one package and secured my prize. Toilet paper for the win!

The next significant event was opening a large padded envelope in the mail. Behold, a set of beautifully made, color-coordinated facemasks. Surely this was a day the Coronavirus gods were smiling on us. Thank you, Rachel (Rebekah’s sister), for such a thoughtful gift!

IMG_E9752Then there was a series of visits next door, spending a lot of time with my parents and trying to help my dad have a better day. We couldn’t do our planned outing in the car, but we did walk around the deck several times then sit and enjoy a tea-party in the beautiful late April afternoon sunshine.

You can see my dad in motion in one of the photos. He is working hard to remain as mobile as possible and I am proud of his commitment.

IMG_9754Then there’s the shot of our friend Dan Gregory working to help in the great “Rebekah versus the iPhone” battle. Dan is introducing Rebekah to the mysteries of “The Cloud”, where everything she thought she may have lost turns out to be waiting for the right combination of codes, incantations, pinky-promises, and genuflections – maybe a Patronus “Expecto Patronum!” thrown in for good measure.

Finally, and some of you may take a real leap and click on the link, there is this, from the Wake Forest Presbyterian Church FaceBook page. It’s my cover of the classic Mercy Me tune, “I Can Only Imagine”. You can read the story of how I came to do the song in this post (No Eye Has Seen Nor Ear Heard). I certainly could have done better guitar work but, amazingly, I believe my voice did actually stay in tune!

It’s another weekend. Don’t forget to come to church tomorrow. There is a lot to talk with God about and a lot of reasons to be grateful. You can find us on the church FaceBook page, or at WakeForestPres.org.

Peace and blessings, always – DEREK


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