Hope = an invitation to live life to the full

The thief enters only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came so that they could have life—indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest. – John 10:10

interactive beginning

Sunday morning’s worship service this week moved around the idea of “Hope.” The hymns were about hope, the children’s moment was about hope, the message was about hope.

The Bible reading, however, was not a classic hope reference but the John 10 account of Jesus referring to himself as “The Good Shepherd.” That passage – of course – is a very hopeful scripture, because The Good Shepherd is in the business of taking care of the sheep, finding the sheep when they stray, and leading them (not driving but leading) into abundant life.

Translations of “abundant life” from John 10:10 include the following:

  • DSC_1515
    from Katherine: hope is a good word!

    “More and better life.”

  • “Rich and satisfying life.”
  • “Life to the full.”
  • “More and better life than they ever dreamed of.”
  • “The full experience of living, expansive and complete.”

Worship itself was a rich experience, so I’d recommending watching the whole thing. But whatever you do, do not miss listening to Rebekah’s message, starting around the 30-minute mark. What she does with the jazz illustration to tie it all together is special. Here is the link: WFPC Worship Sunday April 26 .

If you are not familiar with Rebekah’s preaching, then my invitation is this: If you think all preaching is the same, then think again. And, If you are dismissive of a woman preaching, this is your opportunity to learn something new!

In documenting this process, this week I tried something new. I believe the photographs tell a good story. The story begins in front of the church building with the Children’s Ministry, captures the message in the stained glass, and then comes into worship.

It is a story rooted in Jesus and the hope The Good Shepherd brings. As the hymn says, live into that hope! – DEREK



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