Outbreaks of Grace in my Garden…

I thank you Lord, with all my heart,
    offering praise and gratitude without a break.
All that I am tells the story of your love;
    I want everyone to hear the good news and be glad. – Psalm 34 (paraphrase)

DSC_1720I have two posts brewing this morning, but less than zero available time. So I’m going to punt. Fortunately I just took these photographs yesterday, and I suspect you’re going to enjoy them.

I am especially pleased to have seen a couple more infrequent visitors – an Orchard oriole and a hawk. This was a nice follow up to the Rose-breasted Grosbeak who favored us with his presence a couple of weeks back.

I really do see these serendipities as pockets of grace in this difficult time. I am always asking people in the groups I lead to share “God-sightings.” I ask others because I am blessed with so many myself.

Here are just a few.

Happy Saturday – DEREK


One thought on “Outbreaks of Grace in my Garden…

  1. In this time of lockdown, is it that nature is thriving, or are we just noticing more of what is in our garden because that is where our focus is at the minute. Perhaps both. lovely photos – God bless.


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