Welcome to the family! Introducing “Max” – a significantly huge dog

IMG_E0255So this happened Friday.

Everybody, this is Max; isn’t he marvelous? Take a moment to check him out. Max is six years old. He is a happy dog who lived with good people, but circumstances conspired and it became difficult for the family to make sure he had everything he needed to make it work.

IMG_E0259 (2)
Rebekah showing Max around

It was important, then, that Max land with a new family, just the right one. And we are very happy that we found each other.

I don’t know if you noticed, but this dog is huge! He is mostly Golden Retriever, partly Lab, partly Poodle, and – I suspect – at least one part horse.

The first thing Max and I did was to go to the pet store together so he could pick out his own stuff. He found a bed, some toys, a deer antler, a food dish, and an enormous bag of dog food… plus a dozen or so new fans. Seriously, it was impossible to walk more than 20-feet without someone else going all gaga over, “What a beautiful boy he is…” I haven’t received this much attention from random women since I stopped wheeling my grandchildren around in a stroller!

IMG_E0239Seriously, though, it is a very big deal to leave your home and your family after that many years, so please keep Max in your prayers as he settles in. We have no doubt this is the right thing for Max and for us, but we also understand that change requires love, and patience, and time.

Max is gentle, he is calm, he does not jump up, and he responds well to basic commands. Essentially, Max just wants to be with us, to be loved, and to take me for long walks! I call that a win-win.

I look forward to sharing our adventures together. Peace – DEREK


  1. Max reminds me of the sweet dog we obtained while living in Illinois; beautiful, full of energy and caring. She (Sarah) was conceived on a farm in Iowa by a registered golden retriever and a registered yellow lab.


  2. He is beautiful. And looks like a lover. Hope you don’t have to share your bed. Can’t wait to see him.


  3. So beautiful. Does he shed much? How about barking? I am thinking eventually getting a bigger dog once we get moved out to NC. Congrats!


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