update on Max, new dog photos, and “why I don’t run ads”

“Forget all this serious stuff!,” a couple of people encouraged me, “just show us more pictures of your new dog!”

That’s right, readers, I know we all value deep spiritual content, but – if I want to reach more and more people with the good news of God’s love, mercy, and grace – then apparently I can’t forget the photographs. And if it’s photos of the dog, or the grandchildren, so much the better!

IMG_0475Well, Max has been with us almost two weeks now, and he’s fitting in beautifully. He is huge, gentle, quiet, and very partial to having his ears scratched. He is, as my mother put it, “A big softie!”

So yesterday Max got the opportunity to meet and make friends with our favorite groomers at the Dirty Dogs Spa and Boutique  – the same folk who loved Scout Labradoodle so dearly and kept her well-floofed (coifed) all those years, Scoutie absolutely loved Vanessa and her staff, and Mr. Max had a great experience too.

Outside the Dirty Dog Spa

Of course, I had to follow up with a few photos to show off how handsome he is before he chases some rabbit into a thicket and rolls in something unsanitary. You know it’s inevitable.

You can check the gallery of pictures below. Some were “before” and some “after.” Max is bringing a lot of beauty and fun into our house, and we are so happy he is here.

Why you don’t see ads in this blog:

520116_edf5_2If you blog at all then you already understand some of what goes on behind the scenes. You have to pick a hosting site you are comfortable with (I really like “WordPress”), choose a format that works for your content, make choices about how to arrange the appearance, pick a plan that offers enough storage (especially when it comes to photographs), and decide how to handle advertising.

For me, advertising became an issue the moment I started to get enough followers and weekly views to attract attention. So I made the decision to pay extra in order to keep advertising off this page. I have also decided to say, “no, thank you” when vendors offer to pay me to either host their ads or to endorse their products.


If, then, you see any business, restaurant, location, or product mentioned in this blog (such as the Dirty Dog Spa), it’s because I want to and it fits in with my post. I will reference my own books, of course (and send you to the Amazon bookstore to buy lots and lots of copies!), but I think that’s to be expected for an author! Like this: “Find all Derek Maul’s books at his author page on Amazon.”

Enjoy these photos of Max. Then, when I’m not posting pictures, consider reading some of the deeper content too. Lord knows this world needs more people who take seriously the invitation to follow Jesus.

Peace – DEREK


  1. Imagines of dogs especially MAX are great “destressers”. thank you!
    And thank you for no ads except certain ones such as Amazon for your books.
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Amazon Smile instead. When you shop at AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added benefit that AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. You can choose from over one million organizations to support.
    Love & Light,

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