A new hymn/prayer for 2020

A song/prayer for those who miss being together as a church family:

We rise to meet this morning, Lord – with every breath of hope restored/ To move beyond the aching doubt that time apart can bring about/ To resurrect the spark inside us, Father, Son, and Spirit guide us/ Bring us to the place again where songs and prayers affirm “Amen!”/ Bring us as your congregation, responding to Christ’s invitation/ Bring us home, where real love meets us, guides us, knows us, walks beside us/ Thank you, Lord for this new day to love, and learn, and sing, and pray/ Regardless of the way we meet, this fellowship of love is sweet.

Derek Maul


  1. Nice! May I use it at my church? Per COVID instructions we aren’t singing but we are meditating on hymn words while the pianist plays. Did you have a certain tune in mind? Thanks! Karen Jones, United Methodist in Missouri


  2. Thank you! If anyone else is looking, the words fit hymn tunes in the 87.87D meter with some tweaking, the amount depending on which tune. That gives you lots of options. I think we are going to use HOLY MANNA for its echos of “Brethren We Have Met to Worship” (which is no longer in our hymnbook but which we remember.) BEACH SPRING does well, too. Thanks, Derek


  3. This was really good, I especially loved the part, ” To resurrect the spark inside us, Father, Son, and Spirit guide us”. That has been my prayer that God would revive the spark inside me for Him and the things of God.

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  4. We used the hymn and it was well received. We used the Holy Manna tune which only requires a little tweaking.Thanks, again! Karen Jones


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