Update on Max – he really is a “good boy”

I know I’m probably guilty of oversharing about Max, but I am genuinely falling for this extra-huge pooch who has been in our home now almost four weeks.

Max is a gentle giant in every way. Calm, quiet, extremely well behaved, obedient, and a real lover. Plus he will not leave my side. Max evidently trusts me, and seems to have decided – during this time of uncertainty in his life – that I am his person and that it makes sense to count on me.

It’s a practical move on his part that is, slowly but surely, turning (I believe) into genuine affection. Max has the softest, most soulful eyes and they communicate a sense of wistful longing along with the love. It just about breaks my heart sometimes.

I don’t know what the time-frame is for complete absorption into a new family at his age, but I do know that Max is happy, and confident, and secure. One day he will wake up in the morning and realize that he is well and truly “home.”

Meanwhile, Max has made quite a hit next door. My parents already adore him. If I don’t take him with me for some reason they’re like, “Oh, it’s you… So where’s Max?”

Here are a few photos from the past couple of days.

He really is a Good Boy!

In gratitude – Derek


  1. He is gorgeous, Derek! I’m so jealous because I’ve always wanted a golden. His facial expressions in these photos are the epitome of what a golden’s nature is…loving, gentle, and soulful! You’ve found the perfect mate (again…sorry, Rebekah!) and he’s going to be a wonderful addition (obviously already is) to your family.


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