summertime birds in Wake Forest (this time including the photos!)

– Thrush/Thrasher?

It’s Sunday morning and – as always – I am anticipating a powerful worship experience, online, with my church family at Wake Forest Presbyterian. The service starts, on both Facebook live-feed and YouTube, at 10:00, when Rebekah will be wrapping up her series on The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and – this week – The Lost Son.

Rebekah, of course, does not take the traditional approach to understanding these parables, and we will probably talk about this in Monday’s post. For this morning I will simply say this: Jesus is in the business of bringing lost people home. Lost people and lost families too.

Today, to put us in a worshipful frame of mind, please enjoy this series of photographs I captured in our back garden over the past couple of days.

Even though many of them are in a mid-summer molt, I think these birds are beautiful, fascinating, inspirational creatures.

Have a blessed Sunday – Derek

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