Leadership Sunday, and why I still love teaching!

Greetings and announcements at beginning of web-worship 8/30/2020

We have different gifts that are consistent with God’s grace that has been given to us. If your gift is preaching, you should preach in proportion to your faith. If your gift is service, devote yourself to serving. If your gift is teaching, devote yourself to teaching. If your gift is encouragement, devote yourself to encouraging. The one giving should do it with no strings attached. The leader should lead with passion

Romans 12:6-8

Believe it or not, today is the last day of August. Fall is on the horizon, and people are rolling out their plans for the kick-off of everything from school to sports seasons to events to the – traditionally – busiest time of the year on the church calendar.

At Wake Forest Presbyterian Church we never really slowed down for the summer. Staying connected during the pandemic has been important enough that many groups continued to meet during the usual July-August lull.

Leadership Sunday:

Still, yesterday the discipleship ministry team rolled out their first “kick-off” event with “Leadership Sunday” during worship The message featured a beautifully choreographed montage featuring visuals, shout-outs, banners, invitations, and testimonies from a broad cross-section of leadership.

I was asked to speak for just two minutes in response to the prompt: “Where do you see the Spirit at work in the adult gathering that you lead?”

So today, especially as I plan an “August wrap-up” post a little later, I will let my short video provide the content.

Blessing for Monday

– Peace, from Derek and Max

I will leave you with this blessing for this day. “May God the Creator continue to pour light and life into all that you are; may Jesus the Christ walk alongside you as you carry all that light and life into the world; may the Holy Spirit sustain you along the way, and give you the peace that is beyond all human understanding. Amen!”

Link to Worship:

If you want to enjoy the entire worship experience, here is the link….

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