Stuff to make you smile – #FivePhotoFriday

– on Rebekah’s desk

The “point” of 5-Photo-Friday is both to share some fresh images with you and also try to capture the spirit of the week. This time has the added interest of prescience, looking forward to a couple of posts that are “in the works.”

The first (above) comes from Rebekah’s desk in her study at church. I love the fact that these photos are perched atop the “Interpretation” commentary series. As if, subconsciously, photographs of the family she loves helps when it comes to interpreting the scriptures?

For some reason – maybe it’s because I haven’t been there much recently because she is working primarily from home – I was inspired to photograph several tableaus around her study that seemed to be asking for a mention in a blog! I plan a full “coming to a post near you” sometime in the next few days.

#2 – in the sanctuary:

Next, and also from Thursday afternoon, this scene from the sanctuary at WFPC; Jim, Rebekah, John, Katherine, and Jay Joyner engaged in preparation for virtual worship this coming Sunday. I took some photographs because this is possibly the last time the team will do church in this particular way. Some new equipment has arrived that should allow the service to play out Sunday mornings in “real time.”

– this has evolved in to a lot more than holding up an iPhone!

This is exciting because we will be one step more toward gathering for in-person worship in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Again, a more complete article to come…

#3 – This Dog

Photo number three is actually a grouping. This dog, sitting regally amidst the liriope on the sidewalk outside our home. He really is a beautiful boy.

#4 – Keeping the “Forest” In Wake Forest

Then, after a good few hours of yard work Thursday, looking back to remember – and be grateful – for the beautiful setting where our home stands. It’s been seven years now, but I still have to pinch myself sometimes and say, “Yes, we really do live in North Carolina.”

Our little cul-de-sac, set deep in the woods of Tyler Run, remind me that we don’t just live in “Wake” – we live in Wake Forest. Sometimes I wonder if the developers quite understand how important the forest element is to our community.

#5 – Puppy Love:

Finally, this photo from my frequent visits next door, with Max Retriever in tow. To say that my parents like Max would be a huge understatement. He absolutely has their hearts. Max likes to lay down on top of my mum’s feet and lean into her.

“I don’t think I have ever seen a dog this big!” mum will exclaim, every time. And he is so gentle, so completely accepting of people and genuinely grateful for their attention.

People say Max “landed on his feet” when he found us. Well I think the feeling is mutual. If there ever was a dog and a family who were waiting for each other and so well suited then we would be that family and Max would be that dog.

Enjoy your “five” photos for Friday. Even though there are eight! – DEREK


  1. This is a great post. So are things finally starting to open up there in NC? We are hoping as things begin opening we will get word of a new job for Chris.

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    • Not much forward progress. Too many people acting irresponsibility and shooting economic recovery in the foot! We are looking to do limited in-person services once the governor moves to the next stage. My men’s group is going to start meeting on a patio at the church soon (we’ve been zooming all summer) Meanwhile, a bunch of people who have never been to in-person worship joined the church in August!

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