A beautiful weekend at Maul-Hall #LifeisGood

– Max watching for squirrels…

It’s a little hard for a writer to admit, but I am not unaware of the fact that a lot of people make their way to this site to enjoy the photographs. Fair enough. Maybe I can snag some writing interest too, while you/they are here?

So it is with a little bit of a sigh that I offer “A few weekend photos.” They tell the story that pretty much everything that happens here lately ends up in someway including this startlingly huge dog!

Such a good boy!

But it’s this photograph, with my parents Sunday afternoon, that says even more. My dad is increasingly frail, and it took the best part of an hour to get him to the front door, up the driveway, and into the cul-de-sac for just one lap around.

It is difficult sometimes for dad to move at all, let alone get outside. But Max, even though he is bigger and weighs a lot more than my mum, walks with her quite happily even at a snail’s pace. No impatience, no pulling, nothing but 100% cooperation. What a good dog!

But what a great weekend! Beautiful, cooler, weather; coffee on the deck with Rebekah; great food; the joy of that sweet wedding celebration Friday evening; a positive Sunday morning with our church family… all this and more.

Life is good – God is good – and I am grateful – DEREK

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