Five Photos of Beauty and Joy

Another week, another series of unpredictable challenges, serendipities, and wide-ranging blessings – another collection of left-over images I’d love to share with you on “5-Photo-Friday.”

Watch them shine!

This is often my opportunity to make a splash with vibrant pictures of our vibrant grandchildren, and I won’t disappoint (other than the ongoing social-media ban for our 13-month old and precious-beyond-words Mr. T. in Dresden).

David and Beks are doing their best with on-line learning in Miami, but some of the frustrations are especially difficult given that they moved there at the beginning of the pandemic and so have no social networks (local school friends, church connections etc.) to support them.

– Andrew, Alicia, and Mr. T (photo credit Ricky Yates)

Yet they are overflowing with life and passion and enthusiasm and they are learning regardless. They have embraced the Miami “beachy” lifestyle, they love life, they are good kids, and they just shine.

In Germany, Mr. T. is enjoying the fall by heading out with his family on adventures. A couple of weeks ago they spent a few days in the Czech Republic and I managed to find a photo to share (credit Ricky Yates) that meets the guidelines.


I already featured the two September weddings we attended. You can read about them here (“Here’s your weekend happy” and “Mazel tov y’all!“).

Then I ran into this image, taken by the professional photographer at the Kirby-Griffin event. Rebekah does an amazing job with these occasions. She invests heavily in the responsibility, and she never misses the opportunity to share a message that turns everyone’s attention back to God, who is the heart and the power of any love that is authentic and true.

– Katie and Josh (photo credit to the wedding photographer)


Two months in and Max is, as Mary Poppins would put it, “practically perfect in every way.”

I do believe Max understands now that this is home. He has started to play more, he runs with exuberant abandon when I find somewhere with room for him to “let loose,” and he follows me around like a shadow.

What a beautiful blessing Mr. Max is turning out to be!

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