Our opportunity to embrace this season of change

So then, if anyone is in Christ, that person is part of the new creation. The old things have gone away, and look, new things have arrived!

2 Corinth 5:17

The photo is from Saturday morning. Today – so far – is foggy and damp. But something has shifted and leaves are beginning to come down in droves – falling by the millions, really.

We live of course in the middle of trees upon trees and we will have a absolute blanket of them. Unmanageable, overwhelming, beautiful, blowing into deep drifts like massive piles of snow after a blizzard.

I always enjoy these times of seasonal transition, when the story carried in the air calls to the beginnings of something else, something new, something regenerative.

Rebekah talked about this in yesterday’s message (click here and scroll to the 32:00 mark to hear Rebekah’s sermon). Her words were not just for the confirmation class but for all of us, because our challenge is to live into this new future and to tell the Good News Story in the way that we do it.

– looking out from the deck this morning

That’s really where I want us to land this morning. Our opportunity is to tell the truth of the Gospel of Love – simply by being.

– author Derek Maul lives and writes in North Carolina

To tell the truth of the good news literally in the way we live. To live gospel out loud.

No words necessary, except sometimes by way of clarification.

Peace, and promise – DEREK


  1. Other than certain grassy areas in your yard, I would not ‘manage’ the falling leaves – let Mother Nature do it; she’s been doing it a long time. I too live in a lot of trees & enjoy the ‘carpet’ of leaves – no grass to mow! I’m amazed how most folks pay to ‘manage’ their yards – pay for fertilizer, pay to cut grass, maybe pay to water, repeat – sigh. TYL for the changing season and especially the trees!

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