When Love and Goodness Define Possibility – #5-Photo-Friday

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Desmond Tutu

“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.” Anonymous

At its best, “5-Photo-Friday” is not only a catch-all for previously unpublished photographs, it is also a tribute to the diversity of experience that defines any given week.

This week is a great example. Lots of wonderful pictures plus so much of interest happening every day. Seriously, friends, it’s worth going back over the previous seven posts just for the photos.

First, decorating for Christmas:

I’ll start with this image of Rebekah, excited about the box she just opened (I know, she’s always excited about something!). Our decorating is not only ongoing but it is – in best Presbyterian tradition – constantly reforming. Here you can see Rebekah showing the new wreath we received from the Pashby family in Michigan.

Obviously the wreath had to go on the front door. So – in consequence – the one already gracing our entry had to move on to somewhere else. And so it goes. Always with the fine adjustments. It makes good sense because, as I pointed out in yesterday’s post, Christmas is a story that is not only being told and retold, it is being lived, and lived into, and reinterpreted for today and because of today.

There is nothing static about real stories – especially the story that is our life together. And there is nothing static about God. Nothing predictable either – most especially when Rebekah is involved!

Next up, the baby!

Next we have David with baby Geoffrey, and Beks with baby Geoffrey too. My heart is already full, but when I see the grandkids with their baby brother and I hear how tender and loving they are with him – it makes my heart sing.

Our daughter Naomi told me this great story from Thursday morning. Baby Geoffrey was upset and crying – typical three-week-old stuff. So seven-year-old Beks offered to hold him while Naomi prepared his formula. Naomi quietly listened in, while Beks told Geoffrey – who had mostly calmed down – how much she loved him, and this: “It hurts when you pull my hair… but it’s okay because I know it makes you happy…

Now that is one marvelous big sister!

Not just a TV fantasy!

Finally, this cool photo from Sunday morning worship.

My parents were having an extra rough weekend, so I needed to stay at home. In consequence, I attended worship (including communion) via the Live-Feed on line (here is the service if you want to listen to a great sermon).

I’ve got to tell you, watching Rebekah preach on the big screen television is a very cool sensation.

Seriously, folks. Here is this “TV Preacher” (unquestionably the most attractive preacher I have ever seen or listened to), and I get to call her my wife! How cool is that? She’s not just this personality on the television screen but my actual girlfriend too.

I know, this is 2020 and lots of people are on TV. Just let me enjoy my moment why don’t you?!!!

So there it is, “5-Photo-Friday.” Enjoy, share with other people who need a lift during this dark and uncertain time.

Oh, and know that you are both loved and prayed for. Peace, and more peace – DEREK

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