Irrepressible life! (a.k.a. “2020 in 100-plus photos”)

Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. – John 1:16

– a photographic journey through 2020

Well, this is a large collection of photographs! Or, to put it a better way, “This is evidence of a lot of life!”

My first thought was, “No way, Derek. Reduce this to only three or four images per month; total fifty max.”

But the more I look, the more the whole tapestry – this wash of life – works well. I could write a whole novel based on 2020, but scrolling through (and you could move from beginning to end quite rapidly) creates this rich texture of pictures, this wave of pure life, that turns out to be a powerful trip through 2020.

The news archives may catalogue 2020 in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic, dysfunctional politics, and unprecedented social and economic upheaval as the world essentially ground to a halt; but each one of us had our own stories we were living.

Our family’s story played out against the backdrop of the beautiful North Carolina Piedmont, Wake Forest Presbyterian Church, Miami, and the German city of Dresden.

This is quite a journey, documented here in some beautiful scenes and intimate family portraits. So be my guest, scroll through and enjoy my version of “2020 in 100-plus pictures.”

Praying a peaceful, love-saturated, and healthy 2021 – DEREK


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