A few images of life, love, and inspiration (Photo Friday)

I thank my God every time I mention you in my prayers. I’m thankful for all of you every time I pray, and it’s always a prayer full of joy. – Philippians 1:3-4

– Derek Maul

There is still a lot of extremely serious news to respond to and discuss. But for today I’m sticking with the popular “Photo Friday” format. I am looking to spread a little love, joy, encouragement, and sunshine. And, fitting in with one of the lenses I always try to look through, my commitment to “Live like we mean it.”


I have seven images to share, starting with a FaceTime chat I had yesterday with our newest grandchild, Geoffrey. I can’t believe he’s seven weeks old now and we still haven’t been able to meet him. Such a beautiful bundle of love.

Both of Geoffrey’s siblings (David, nine and Beks, seven) are a huge help, holding him and playing with him. Not because they have to but because they both own a genuinely nurturing spirit.

Then, finally, Beks has been able to start ballet for the first time since the big move to Miami. To say she is excited would be an understatement.

Church youth at WFPC:

The next photo (courtesy of youth director Janet Briley) features a few of our teens at WFPC. This was one of several “prayer and meditation” stations they created around the church grounds. Their commitment, their faith, and their innovation are inspirational to me. Our young people are real leaders in encouragement and living faith like they mean it. They understand we don’t “mark time” when it comes to following Jesus, or wait to pick up again later when it’s more convenient. Something like a pandemic is not going to dissuade us from being disciples.

– WFPC youth (Janet Briley)

Around Maul-Hall:

On the home front I’m featuring the following three images (you can view them at the end of the collage below):

  • My amazing mushroom-Swiss cheeseburger- because eating well is one of my favorite pandemic survival tools.
  • Our huge baby of a dog (Max) who crawls under a blanket sometimes to get a little warmer at night.
  • Me at the oral surgeon’s office (because I would value your prayers) for one more leg of this unfortunate dental saga.

So take a few moments to remember that, each and every day, our journey through this New Year is (and will be) defined by real life, new life, people we love, dynamic faith, inspiration and encouragement from others, and our support and prayers for them.

So let’s live like we mean it; because God certainly meant something wonderful when you were imagined, created, purposed, and launched into this world – DEREK

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