Pictures to make you smile #PhotoFriday

Again, as is my practice most every Friday, I want to add some beauty and positivity to the end of what has – once again – been a challenging and difficult week.

I am leading with this image of our grandson, Mr. T., who seems to be enjoying Dresden’s cold, snowy Eastern European winter with enthusiasm. I know, it sounds a lot like that wolverine sighting in Yellowstone this week. “A tenacious National Geographic photographer captured this rare footage of the elusive ‘Mr. T., marching along the banks of the Elbe in his winter gear.”

Reports from Germany are that our 17-month old grandson is having a lot of fun out in the snow. His world is like a huge white sandbox -especially when he has his shovel at hand. Right now Saxony is a couple of weeks into what looks to be a relentless snow-and-ice beginning to 2021.


The word from Miami is still lots of love for (and from) baby Geoffrey. Then, FaceTime with me and with Rebekah several times a day so he can begin to get to know us. We can see so much tender love and care from his siblings.

To say that we are long overdue for some grandchild hugs would be the understatement of the year! Sigh.

Food and health:

Food, as I often share, is one of my great joys. It really is a good thing that Rebekah and I are disciplined about diet. It has been a year now since we both made the 20-pound adjustment to reach our target weights, and we are maintaining with remarkable consistently.

– filet with onions and mushrooms, baked potato, green beans

The simple equation remains the same. Really great food, prepared well – plus portion control – plus steering away from excessive cals and carbs – plus regular exercise – equals better health.

It feels good to feel good. And, in this uncertain world we live in, taking care via good nutrition and exercise is one of the few things that is in our power to actually control.

Mr. Max!

Finally, it’s always fun to sit down and take photos with Max Retriever! So I’ll use this series as my sign-off this morning.

Max is more than just a “good dog,” he is remarkable. Good natured, calm, obedient, quiet, beautiful, huge. He is the therapy dog everyone needs in this crazy time.

So peace to you all; peace, kindness, goodwill, humility, grace, and joy – DEREK


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