The first snowfall is always beautiful and full with promise

This morning Wake Forest woke up to a light dusting of snow. So, as I’m not sure that we will see much more of the white fluffy stuff this year, I grabbed a few images during my morning walk with Max.

Max was beside himself with excitement. He wanted to run, and frolic, and toss the snow in the air with his nose. Most of all he wanted to undo all that money we had spent on his grooming session at the dog spa Wednesday afternoon!

There is something redemptive and invitational about new fallen snow. This morning I feel as if God is reminding me – not just me, all of us – how each new day provides an opportunity to set fresh tracks, to chart new courses, to turn our hearts in the right direction, and to live in response to possibility and promise.

Enjoy. If we get more you can be sure I will be back out there taking photographs – and listening to God – DEREK

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