God has made everything beautiful in its time…

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

“Photo Friday” this week has some wonderful images. The best ones, of course, are from Miami, where Naomi, Craig, and the children have been enjoying the beach against the backdrop of high waves and spectacular skies.

Then there is a hint of the promise of springtime, right here in Wake Forest.

Set 1 – The Beach:

Our daughter Naomi knows how to frame a shot. It’s not about an expensive camera, or using the right digital effects… it’s about knowing how to “see.”

Jesus was always saying something along the lines of, “Would you people please open your eyes for once?!!” This of course was a companion query often made about the same time as, “Put on your listening ears why don’t you! You. Are. Missing. It!!

When we do open our eyes, then we see what a spectacular world we live in. Beautiful grandchildren help a lot!

Here in Wake Forest:

So spring is beginning to try here. Daffodils and then a few trees beginning to blossom.

– flowers from church peeps

One of the young families from church came by with flowers for Rebekah and a red-bud tree to plant. Such good people and such great kids.

Then there is me, back at the oral surgeon’s office again after some seriously overwhelming pain. Surgery is slated – again – for next Wednesday. Sigh.

We live in a world full with blatant beauty and such wonderful people. Everywhere I see signs of hope and promise for the future.

Have an amazing weekend, and don’t forget to sign up for “in-person” worship in the CLC this Sunday at 9:00.

Peace and blessings – always – DEREK

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