Every picture tells a story: Four (category) Photo Friday

– Beks and David bringing the smiles

Keep your eyes open for beauty and joy – they show up absolutely everywhere you could possibly look!

This week’s Photo Friday is a bit of a mixed bag. Of course I have to feature some of the wonderful images from Miami. Our three Campbell grandchildren are just so beautiful, and their mother is such a gifted photographer.

If you could possibly photograph happiness, then there it is, “Exhibit A” for all to appreciate.

Spring comes to North Carolina!

Here in Wake Forest, springtime is about to burst wide open, but so far only daffodils and a few blooming trees have made any kind of a significant move. Regardless, we live in a picturesque neighborhood in a lovely community in the Piedmont region of the most beautiful of states.

It won’t be too many more days before everything explodes into color and it will be time for some serious photography.

Max and Me:

Then there are more of the classic “Derek and Max” selfies. I hadn’t planned on any this week; but then, Thursday evening, we went for a walk in the dying light and Max almost forgot how much it annoys him when I play paparazzi.


Finally, a few foodie photos. I made my famous chili this week, based on a recipe from the Junior League “Some Like it South” cookbook (from when we lived in Pensacola). My signature move is to substitute filet mignon for the ground beef, tender succulent steak cut into bite-sized pieces. The result is amazing!

Here is “the lot” in one gallery. Enjoy your Friday, have a relaxing weekend, and – always – keep your eyes open for beauty and joy… they show up absolutely everywhere you could possibly look! – DEREK

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