Not the Day I Had Planned

So I had this very busy day all planned. Lots to do but well organized. Writing, cleaning, shopping, getting Max groomed, cooking my amazing spaghetti for the dinner Naomi and family are driving all the way from Miami to enjoy. Then a few other things too.

But you know what they say: “the best laid plans…”

My mum called just before I sat down for breakfast; dad had a nasty fall. For once I couldn’t simply pick him up and set him on his feet.

For the first time here in Wake Forest – and this isn’t bad for a 92-year-old – I had to call an ambulance for help. It’s going to be a few hours in the ER and some stitches at best.

They called the firefighters too, to help carry him out. When I asked them to pause for mum to say goodbye they complained, “make it quick, he’s heavy!” I had to laugh! Four burley firemen!

Of course all this begs the “what’s important “ question. So I had all these things to do and it’s not happening, not going to. But at the end of the day the family will be here from Florida, and I will have been with my dad when it counted.

Meanwhile we’re still in the ER, still gathering information, still figuring out what needs to be done.

But the important things (the people) are covered. In the final analysis, nothing else matters.

Peace and blessings- always – DEREK

At Wake Med: I always park on the roof


  1. Prayers for your dad – falls are no fun at any age and the older we are, the more problems they cause. Have a wonderful time with your Florida family – finally you get to hold that newest grandchild!!
    Margaret Marquis

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  2. I think there is a saying that man plans & God laughs??? Seriously I hope there is nothing serious going on with your dad. And now you have a great story to remember this event by – “make it quick, he’s heavy!”. Thoughts & prayers for your dad, you and the rest of the family.


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