8 Photo-Friday Images to Enjoy!

Among these people you shine like stars in the world – because you hold on to the word of life.

Philippians 2:15-16

Photo Friday is here again! But I have not – despite my plan to return to the church rose garden – taken many pictures at all over the past few days. My life has been busy, and distracting, and detail-oriented, and – for the most part – not exactly photogenic!

Fortunately I have picturesque grandchildren in Miami and a daughter who takes amazing photographs. So today’s first set is easy enough.

The Neighbors:

Then, and this is certainly worth a second look, there was Monday’s 69th anniversary for my mum and dad.

Having two parents with a total age of 182 certainly comes with its challenges, but here were are, making it happen one day at a time.

  • “Don’t ever get old…” my mum said to me one day when she wasn’t feeling so good…
  • “Too late,” I responded, “I already am!”

Interesting double-take:

Wednesday, coming out of the cardiologist’s office (where my mum’s pacemaker battery read “18-months to go”), I noticed this unusual sighting. My 2012 VW Golf TDi is rare enough, but to be parked next to the identical model, color and trim included, was very cool.

My guess is that the other VW owner went out of their way to park in that spot once they noticed mine. But I have to say, my Golf is absolutely a little cleaner and brighter!

Food: a nod to Ybor:

This week’s food spotlight is my homage to the Cuban-American cuisine of Ybor City in Tampa. One of the best dining experiences possible in the region is the historic Columbia Restaurant near downtown.

The food is a hybrid that brings together the best of the Spanish-Cuban-Florida flavor.

I really should get myself a cookbook and do it right, but the dish I prepared Wednesday evening certainly honors much of what I love. Pork tenderloin cutlets, lightly breaded; twice-cook rice with celery, broccoli, and carrots: black beans; artichoke hearts.

Have an amazing weekend:

I pray that you have an amazing, blessed, love-filled weekend. And, in all that you do and whoever you do it with, “Among these people [may] you shine like stars in the world because you hold on to the word of life…” (Philippians 2:15-16)


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