Some photos for Si (what a generous garden says about our church)

You should feed those who are hungry. You should take care of the needs of those who are troubled. Then your light will shine in the darkness. And you will be bright like sunshine at noon. – Isaiah 58:10

– in the WFPC garden

Earlier today, when I got out of my Saturday morning men’s group meeting, my friend Larry had left a note on my car. “Please take some photos of the church garden,” he said, “Si would like to see them.”

Si is one of the most genuine, hard-working, generous, faithful, and compassionate people ever to join this church. As a true servant leader – with a heart of gold – he has been instrumental in some of the most ambitious projects on campus, including this amazing, state-of-the-art community garden. Si, however, is seriously ill and failing, and we would all value your prayers.

So I breathed my own prayer for Si, grabbed my camera, and trotted over to the garden to frame a few images that hopefully manage to communicate some of what is going one.

Tomatoes and so much more!
– Pam documenting some of the hard work!

Just today, for example, Pam and Carol alone picked 167 pounds of the best looking tomatoes imaginable! While some folk are harvesting, others are weeding, cultivating, watering, sowing, transplanting, planning, delivering (to food banks) and so much more.

I don’t care how “mega” a church is, any congregation of any size would have a hard time being more compassionate, more faithful, and more productive than WFPC when it comes to reaching out to the community with generous love.

One of my favorite photographs in this set features the sanctuary as viewed from just inside the garden. This project is a lens for looking at who we are as a faith community rooted in the context of planting, growing, harvesting, and reaching out.

Not unlike our mission statement: “Rooted in Christ; Growing Together in Faith; Reaching Out to Others.”

Enjoy this brief tour of our garden – DEREK


  1. Thank You, Derek, we had lent our Golf cart so Si could peruse the Garden in person. Unfortunately, he apparently took a bit of a fall and couldn’t make it. He is truly an amazing man and Christian. The garden produces a large amount of nutrition for the community. Si along with a host of others in our Church have worked so very hard to bring it to fruition. I believe God will take care of him and Millie.
    He will be missed, there will be a 6’+ hole in our congregation.

    Jim Wills

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