Saved by “Photo Friday” (there is always a story)

– Beks and David this week in Miami

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.
    The world and all its people belong to him.
 For he laid the earth’s foundation on the seas
    and built it on the ocean depths. – Psalm 24

TGIFF (Thank goodness it’s photo Friday!). Because, this morning, I have every kind of writer’s block. I haven’t been taking any photographs, let alone stunning ones; I don’t have any deep and devotional thoughts; I’m pretty much all tapped out.

But I do, however, have a few new images from this past weekend, and I do have some photos from Miami guaranteed to make us all smile.

– Vivi and Titus making biscuits

Last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful visit with our friends Tim and Kelly, along with their four children (see the family photo here). What didn’t make that blog post was the image of Rebekah teaching the younger two – Vivi and Titus – how to make Angel Biscuits.

Biscuit making is always a full contact experience. They are made “from scratch,” along with the flour and eggs and yeast and kneading and rolling out and general mess. There was no obvious dough on the ceiling this time around, but I’m sure we came close.

Then, in Miami, “baby” Geoffrey turned nine-months. And his siblings have seemed to grow, overnight almost, into such grown-up children I can see clear into their teen years almost without even trying. Please, I’m begging you, somebody stop them!

So there you have it, Photo Friday. Maybe tomorrow my writing engine will turn on again? It could happen…

Peace – DEREK

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