Fall, school photos, and retirement projects at “Photo Friday”

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.
    The world and all its people belong to him.
 For he laid the earth’s foundation on the seas
    and built it on the ocean depths.

Psalm 24

Today’s “Photo-Friday” comes to you from the leading edge of fall in North Carolina, where clear weather, cooler temperatures, and just a hint of the beginnings of the possibility of color speak to the promise of a beautiful few months leading up to winter.

Everything is primed and ready. I know I am. Eleven months of summer was absolutely not my favorite part of living so far south as Tampa. Here it’s anywhere from four to five months, and if that number begins to increase maybe I’ll check the weather in Maine!

School Picture Day!

Then, from Miami, David and Beks had picture day at school and Geoffrey got to enjoy both his mama and the science museum all by himself.

American Girl:

Finally, Rebekah is beginning to get a feel for tackling some of those big projects retirement brings into play. One, this exquisite doll trunk (for the American Girl collection), has literally been thirty years in the making!

Rebekah’s sister, Rachel, purchased the pattern a little after 1990, then started the process of cutting out the pieces (cardboard and fabric). It was supposed to be a gift for our daughter, Naomi, but never got beyond the imagining phase! Rebekah found most of the raw material after Rachel’s death in January (Another Epic Story Moves Into Eternity), then got to work a couple of weeks ago.

Stare at the pattern, scratch head, measure, cut, glue, go to the hardware store (and the other hardware store, and Michaels, and Jo-Ann Fabric, and Hobby Lobby) for hinges and handles and drawer pulls, search the Internet, scratch head some more, assemble, glue, measure, cut….

Now the trunk will be a Christmas gift for Naomi’s daughter, Beks, who at eight years of age is going to love and enjoy it for a long time.

There are other images that say something about the week, because life is full and there is always more going on. But this has to be a short post so I can dive into the work a couple of editors are actually paying me to complete!

Peace and blessings, always – DEREK

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