New weekly Video-blog feature (test run)

Earlier today I shared a post that I later thought would work well for a video. I have played around with the concept before, but now I feel a tug to do this on a semi regular basis. The medium has the potential to reach additional people with a positive message, and I am all about sharing some needed encouragement in this tragically broken world.

So here it is. Expect – maybe – one of these every week. But it all depends – as I say in the intro to the video – on the response.

Peace, in every way – DEREK


  1. Derek,

    I’ve often felt guilty that I’ve chosen absence from church when staying home with company. I think I always realized that I should have encouraged them to join us or, if they chose not to, to simply leave them for a couple of hours. Never thought about the possibility that we might be using their visit as an “acceptable” excuse to play hooky! I hate it when you point out my faults, even though you seem to always be 100% correct! Love your “vlog.” Hope you’ll keep it up. It works!

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  2. What a great topic! The “visitor excuse.” I’ve used it many times, and after your thought-provoking “vlog,” I will invite guests to do what we do on our Sunday mornings.

    What really resonated with me was the idea that I’ve been letting my guests invite me to not go!

    Thanks for this great lesson.

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  3. I definitely feel that the video blog post is a great idea. Today’s post was most encouraging. Please keep it as a regular part of your blog..


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