Max Retriever goes to the spa

Looks like it’s time for another “dog-blog” entry, featuring the exceptionally huge Mr. Max. This week was his seasonal grooming session at the Dirty Dog Spa here in Wake Forest. He loves all the attention, and he outdid himself in terms of both charming the technicians and setting a new hair avalanche record in the process.

Dirty Dog always does a great job, but this time the groomer was exceptional. She found the perfect balance between getting Max ready for summer, cleaning him thoroughly, and highlighting his beautiful golden coat.

Sometimes I have to shake my head in wonder at how good Max is and how blessed we are to have him. Trained as a service/therapy companion; the most gentle disposition; quiet; follows directions (well, most of the time); lives to love and to be loved; adores his master.

And did I mention handsome? Handsome and beautiful too.

So of course, post spa, I photographed Mr. Max. Stroking him is guaranteed to lower blood pressure – and enjoying these photographs will absolutely make you smile.

Enjoy an amazing Thursday – DEREK


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