Struggle, craziness, serendipity, goodness, and light – Photo Friday offers a glimpse

Here – in the middle of all the craziness and struggle of the past few days – is a quick “Photo Friday” collection. Always, regardless of what is going on, there is so much serendipity and beauty and goodness and light.

I am always grateful, then, that God has granted me the ability (most of the time) to see clearly and to recognize grace.

  • I love the enthusiasm and care with which Max greeted Rebekah when we returned from the orthopedic specialist’s office.
  • I love the “hands in the air” commitment Geoffrey has to life now that his leg is healed and his cast is gone.
  • I love the way Mr. T. in Bahrain is enjoying the opportunity to explore everything around him, and to lean into what it means to be a “World Citizen”
  • I love Rebekah’s favorite “Swamp Iris” in the back garden.
  • I love the way Rebekah wears her new boots. “BIONIC AUNT BEKAH” wrote our niece Faith, “She looks like she has robot legs.”

Photo Friday. You never know where it’s going to take you!

Real peace, and abundant blessings to all – DEREK

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  1. Rebekah, sorry to hear about your accident. Pray for a speedy recovery . Miss seeing you all and enjoy Derick’s blog. Prayer for the family the Men’s Bible study Trinity, Jim Green

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