My parents’ request: “Honor us by living in kindness and grace.”

– Grace and David Maul celebrating 70 years!

For this photograph to make any sense, you have to go back to yesterday’s post – “Happy Anniversary, Mum and Dad!” – and get an idea of what the past 70 years has looked like for these two. The statistics say that less than one in a thousand marriages make it to such a significant milestone!

Celebrations are not easy to pull off when the main characters are constrained by so many challenges. But we managed, it was a happy day, and I was very pleased with how things came together.

I needed to do something away from the residence where dad lives, but coming home was not a good option. The occasion had to be markedly special, but not overwhelming. Then it was important to celebrate on the actual day, May 24th, because 70 years of marriage is that amazing! Plus, the venue needed to be wheelchair accessible and offer a quiet atmosphere.

Wake Forest Presbyterian Church to the rescue!

Renee in the church office made the Youth Room available and it turned out to be perfect. There were twelve of us, plus interim pastor Marguerite came in to share a welcome and blessing.

It was exactly the right balance of mum and dad’s favorite people. They were able to visit individually with everyone, and then we sat around the table for a wonderful lunch together (thanks, Big Al!). I shared a few words and then, when the cake was served, I asked everyone to share a short blessing – either a word of scripture or something directly from their hearts.

What people said to mum and dad was beautiful, and powerful, and full of spiritual insight.

So thank you to Neal and Betty Franks, Rebekah Maul, Mary and Bob Beichner, Loretta Highfield, Millie Seiler, Lou Ann and Carson Brisson, Renee Engel, Marguerite Sirrine, and of course Grace and David Maul themselves, for making Tuesday such a beautiful testimony to love and faithful commitment.

This is what I’m suggesting:

A lot of you have expressed such love and support and encouragement, and many have asked, “what can I – what can we – do?” to help both honor my parents’ amazing 70 years and do something to help moving forward.

The answer is simple yet very profound. Are you ready for this?

You can honor my parents by living into your relationships with kindness, grace, mercy, encouragement, mutual service, respect, and faithfulness.

If we all do this – especially the “kindness” part, then my parents will smile their way through the next few weeks, and months, and maybe years knowing that their testimony is heard and their love makes a difference.

In love, and because love is kind – DEREK


  1. Many blessings to your parents on their 70th Wedding Anniversary! They are two lovely and precious people. Both posts regarding their marriage and celebration touched me very much. It’s a celebration that needs to be a model for others! Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift of their celebration! Blessings to all, Diana Craig

    On Wed, May 25, 2022 at 10:36 AM Derek Maul: Words and Photographs for the

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