Nine images, nine prayers of gratitude – #PhotoFriday

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.

James 1:12

This week may have been dominated by my parents’ 70th wedding anniversary; but – as per usual – there was so much more going on too. From my “official photographer” gig Sunday afternoon to glimpses of life in Miami and more, this is a fun batch of photos.

First, one of our daughter Naomi’s most luminous gifts is her ability to create community. Whether she is inviting her church friends to the zoo or her zoo friends to church, she brings people together. The above photo tells the story well, and if I was in PR at Zoo Miami I’d be willing to exchange free passes for pictures like this.

Picture Number Two: Of course, it goes without saying that all children are beautiful; but when eight-year-old Beks plays dress-up at the store with her mom then it puts kind of an exclamation point on top of the vibrancy that just shines.

#3: Then, to jump all the way to the other end of the age equation, I helped my mum and dad open anniversary cards and read all the messages of love, encouragement, and support. This one is from Andrew, Alicia, and Mr. T. in Bahrain.

– David and Grace Maul celebrating 70 years….

The portrait may well be my favorite from the week.

You Have to Laugh!

But then there is this, of Rebekah opening one of the many cards she has received since she took her fateful fall in Wilson, two and a half weeks ago.

The card, featuring a Golden Retriever who looks a lot like Max, reads “As they say in obedience school…” Then, on the inside, the thought is completed… “HEAL!”

Kudos to Craig’s parents, Sue and Craig, for the funniest get well card so far.

I also headed over to Wilson First Presbyterian Church one more time, to deliver our own thank you package to the staff at the church. They have been so encouraging, and helpful, and we are disappointed not to be working together. We shared one of those “Gift Towers” from Wolferman’s Bakery. The picture features their business manager, Dawn, with the goodies.

The spiritual energy is palpable:

I will round out Photo Friday with these two shots from my photography gig at the “Outstanding Older Adult Recognition” service in Rocky Mount last Sunday.

Here’s a quote from my post earlier in the week: “When we recognize outstanding older adults from so many different congregations, the spiritual energy in the room is palpable – enough to light a fire and change the world again, and again.”

Life is full, moment by moment, with examples of grace and light and promise.

So pay attention. If you can’t take a photograph, then say a prayer of gratitude. For me, each picture is a prayer. – DEREK

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