“Not even Solomon in all his glory” – Photo Friday

This morning’s “Photo Friday” collection comprises two categories: Family, and Flowers. Both add such light and beauty to my life and today I’m just spreading it around.

I love the juxtaposition in this first pairing. Geoffrey, absolutely loaded with energy; grabbing every moment with the bright-eyed enthusiasm of discovery; propelled by possibility, promise, curiosity, and joy. Then my parents (dad was Geoffrey’s age in 1929), needing four cautious unsteady hands between them to navigate dad’s afternoon cup of tea.

Invitation to live!

For the children in Miami, this was the last week of 4th and 3rd grade. David and Beks both did so well at their elementary school, and I have no doubt they will continue to shine in Orlando.

– David, Beks, and Geoffrey

Naomi – obviously – has a good eye for photography; but she has a great eye for story too.

The photo of the three children, titled “Last Day of School” on Naomi’s Facebook page, could easily anchor a story of its own. Consider the smile on Geoffrey’s face alone!

This is life! This is their invitation to grab it with both hands, live like you mean it, and never let go.

I think of the comparison from “The Sermon on the Mount”, where Jesus points out the beauty of the flowers (and I have some coming up a little farther down this page): Not even Solomon in all his glory was arrayed as one of these! Well, maybe not Solomon. But Beks? Absolutely! David? You bet! Geoffrey? More brilliant than a field of sunflowers!

Check out the gallery at the end for “Baby under an Umbrella”, Beks being luminous, four distinctly different hydrangea blooms, and more.

The Flowers:

So they may not shine quite like the children, but – and especially after a light rain – the hydrangea are so exquisitely magnificent.

This year for some reason we don’t have so many blooms. But the ones we do have are spectacular, each one like a bouquet featuring dozens of individual flowers.

These blooms are like individual serendipities, catching us by surprise and delivering joy and delight.

I don’t know what next week’s Photo Friday will reveal, it all depends on to what extent I am paying attention to the beautiful gifts God offers me each and every day. Each photograph is a prayer, and each moment is more evidence of love, light, grace, mercy, and promise.

Peace – DEREK

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