Boutique hotels and giant ships – the Savannah waterfront!

Savannah! How have I lived in the Southeastern United States for the past 44 years and not have been here before? What a cool city! Rebekah and I will definitely have to return in the fall or the spring for several days of relaxation and exploration.

This was the end of our short vacation, introducing our grandchildren (David and Beks) to the mountains before driving them to their new home in Orlando. We decided, on our way home to North Carolina, that a pause in Savannah, on our own, would be a great idea.

The accommodations could not have been better. I chose the Cotton Sail Hotel, a boutique property on the waterfront, occupying a renovated warehouse. We checked in early, enjoyed both dinner and breakfast at the rooftop restaurant, and immediately fell in love with the personality of Old Savannah.

Best of all was the opportunity to take a deep breath and relax, enjoying uninterrupted time together. There is no better way to celebrate being Rebekah and Derek than this.

Savannah, we discovered, is the fourth busiest seaport in the United States. We must have seen a half dozen behemoth container vessels coming in, and out, just during the evening. Here’s a video, taken from the balcony of our room, that gives a sense of just how massive these ships are.

Ready to Travel:

We’re back in Wake Forest now. And in a way it’s good to be home. But my heart is anxious to be on the road with Rebekah, to begin seriously exploring this amazing and beautiful world, to bring you stories and photographs from the places that touch my soul….

But until then, enjoy this set of photographs from the riverfront in Savannah. Peace and love and more to all of you from both of us – DEREK


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Savannah is a neat town. Rachel, Reed, Micah and Jeanette come to see me there during a long business trip there in the fall of 2017. I enjoyed the food, night life, ambience, and the company. I would like to go back.

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  2. Did you see the park bench Tom Hanks sat on in Forrest Gump at the bus stop and the church where they dropped the feather at the beginning of the movie from it’s steeple?

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