Photo Friday tells the story of life, and art, and food, and family

Not forgetting, of course, this week’s “Photo-Friday” collection. The categories are: 1) The children. 2) The family. 3) Food. 4) Art.

Our granddaughter, Beks, is – always – art. She is mesmerizing in and of herself; but once she begins to have fun and accessorize while out shopping with her mama… well… you can see the result! All of the photographs of the children are Naomi’s good work. She knows how to look through a lens and she knows how to “see” a story.

– photo by Naomi Campbell

Then I have to share this painting. “I wanted to do something about Scotland,” Beks said. “This is the national flower.” Not a bad thistle. Really, really good. Look at the brushwork, and the texture. This is wonderful!

– “Thistle” by Beks

The following food collection is fairly simple, and essentially unremarkable. However, these dishes reflect a good cooking week and I really do enjoy preparing great food.

So, be hungry, be inspired to cook more, and be more committed to serving good stuff to your spouse.

Then, finally, here are the balance of the family photos: Max enjoying watching us work in the garden. Mum and dad enjoying the back porch. David and Geoffrey.

Pure joy, summed up in a few choice photos. Enjoy – DEREK

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