A few more photos, and “hats off” to the Queen’s loyal staff

It’s looking to be a busy Saturday, so my post this morning will simply be a handful more images you all may enjoy from this week.

First, the photograph from the procession when Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was moved from Buckingham palace to Westminster. Her majesty’s senior household staff – often overlooked in all the noise, the pageantry, and the sense of national grief – were very much also her family.

My cousin Paul, the tallest of the four front and center (you may also remember him from the James Bond skit the Queen did to open the London Olympics) has been an important presence more than 40 years, from riding on the carriage, to rescuing Queen Elizabeth when an intruder entered her bedroom (1982), to being famously great with the corgis, to aide and confidant. When she died he lost not only a monarch but a close personal friend.

(Read more about Paul Whybrew in this Daily Mirror article: “Queens Grand Gift to Loyal Servant“)

Today’s other photos represent great food, statistics, and the constant insistence of Max Retriever when it comes to putting himself in the absolute middle of everything!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to attend worship tomorrow morning. – DEREK

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