Max Retriever and his (mostly) endearing obstinate streak

– Max hanging out while Rebekah works

One of the many things I love about my dog, Max, is the small rebellious streak that crops up from time to time; or, as he would put it, “my sense of humor!”

– Max

Max is a highly trained, wonderfully sensitive, “I know all the commands” therapy dog. But that was early in his life and he really didn’t put his training into practice much over the few years prior to joining our family. So now he is loving, quiet, helpful, very much present emotionally, and – most of the time – extremely obedient. Until, that is, he decides to go his own way.

Max loves people, for example, and if he senses the opportunity he will run up to the street for a meet and greet; if it’s a delivery truck then he will likely try to jump in. Once he is on the way, there is absolutely no turning back until he has, first, said hello.

Same with the overwhelmingly attractive temptation to chase a cat or a rabbit, or to run over for a quick visit if one of our neighbors is outside. Max absolutely has to check in; it’s an obsession, beyond his ability to resist. Fortunately we live in a cul-de-sac, there is no through traffic, and everyone is glad to see him.

– “No photo! I’m not really here”

His other expression of obstinacy is photography. If Max realizes there is a photograph happening then he will often turn his head, or lay down, or walk away, or refuse to look at the camera.

Like I said, it’s kind of endearing.

Blessed to have such a faithful – even if a little stubborn – friend – DEREK

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