Max (Retriever) says “Get out and Vote”

I have thought a lot about what I want to say today, especially in light of all the friction and the rancor and the dirt being hurled this way and that in response to the elections of 2020.

When I became a citizen of this great nation in 1985, I was excited to be able to participate in this amazing ongoing “experiment in democracy.” I still am. But – at the same time – I am worried about the strong current of doubt that is beginning to undermine the foundations of our ideal of free and fair elections.

I think what upsets me the most is that this current of doubt is being manufactured, promoted, and fueled in a systematic and cynical way by people who seem more interested in their own power than honoring the shining light of freedom.

So all I can do is to encourage everyone to participate. Vote. Vote your conscience. Make your own decisions regarding who to vote for. And then, please, honor the process and respect those who work so hard to supervise and count and tabulate the results.

“Trust,” I once told a friend who had lost the trust of his wife, “can easily be lost in a moment or two of poor judgement – but then take literally years to rebuild.”

I will write more today if I have time. For now, I have to head to the Wake Forest Community House and participate in this great privilege I will never take for granted.

Peace to all, those on every side of every issue – DEREK

– Max says “Get out and vote!”

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