So this happened (too much tech?)

– T-Mobile staff figuring out Rebekah’s new phone!

All things are lawful for me, but all things are no helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

1 Corinthians 6:12

So yesterday, in the always interesting world of “one thing leads to another,” this happened. To be honest I’m not entirely sure that I’m on board with all the technology, but I do at least plan to play around with it and find out if an Apple Watch is a good thing; or if I should – instead – wind up one of my dad’s favorite watches and “turn the clock back” so to speak.

It all started with Rebekah’s phone. It has been randomly shutting down, losing data, and – most importantly – refusing to interface consistently with her blood glucose monitoring device.

– dad’s favorite watch

Meanwhile, I have been watching our monthly mobile bill inch up until it eventually passed a particularly disheartening ceiling.

“This is a good opportunity,” I said, “to take our daughter Naomi’s advice and check in with T-Mobile and see what they can offer.

They were remarkably helpful. Now Rebekah has a new phone, we’re both on a new plan that looks to save us $75 a month, they threw in some goodies and rebates, and they actually paid us to “port” our existing numbers from the previous carrier.

Then – and this is the part I’m not sure that I’m going to embrace or not – they gave us both Apple Watches to further complicate our lives with unnecessary technology!

Rebekah’s watch is still in the box and may well be for a long time. But I have mine on, synched up with my iPhone, and in the process of possibly making my FitBit redundant.

Meanwhile, and to keep me firmly rooted in the ancient practices that continue to define my spiritual life as markedly analog, I stopped at the bottom of the stairs this morning and spent a few moments gazing at the Christmas Tree.

The Magi, seeking truth with wisdom and patience; a young family striving to be faithful to God’s promises; Shepherds, taking care of their sheep on the hillsides; angels on a mission to share good news; a helpless baby, born in a manger.

They were all there. They are all here. The story is alive and powerful. The moment – sitting on the stairs and tying my shoelaces – will sustain me all day.

In love, and because it is love that is telling us this story – DEREK


  1. Derek, great reflections today. Thank you. Though I do use technology some things still ring true in their old ways. I still write with fountain pens and refill them from bottled ink; I use a paper planner for calendar and notes, to-do lists, projects, and priorities. I still prefer a dial face on a watch/clock; I like continuums. I read print books as often as I read them on my Kindle. Taking time to sit and view your world, as you did on the steps today, awards time for reflection and remembrance.

    In the Advent devotional we are discussing this year at Trinty, Jill Duffield’s ADVENT IN PLAIN SIGHT, she reminisces as she decorates her Christmas tree, familiar ornaments reminding her of people, eras, and experiences, and of her longing for people no longer here. She observes that Advent’s look back and look forward both challenges and blesses us. She writes, “Recalling all those of past years reminds me to relish this one.” She addresses our changes, our growth, our expectations, our memories, our faith, the people who shaped our faith, our lives. “Recalling…reminds me…to relish.” I love that progression.
    I say enjoy your new watch…and on occasion swap it out and wear your father’s watch, reminisce and relish your life with him.

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    • Thanks, Hugh.
      I am impressed that you still use a fountain pen! I remember having an ink well in my school desk… but I never mastered the art. Well done. I also read better from real books – especially when teaching. I can do novels on the Kindle but much prefer paper. Jill Duffield is wise to write about the decorations during Advent. In my “In My Heart I Carry A Star” I talk about the wonder of finding a “live” tree, cutting it off at the knees, strapping it to the top of a car, bringing it home, tying it to the wall, and then electrocuting the poor thing! It really is a strange but beautiful ritual.
      May you and the Trinity family enjoy a spectacular season of celebration and joy. Love to all of you from both of us – Derek


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