Photo Friday: New cameras and weddings and good people

“Photo Friday” this week was supposed to be epic. I’ve had this new Nikon mirrorless camera on order for a month and last weekend it finally arrived. But – and I had this whole “unboxing video” I was working on – it turned out to be a dud!

The software failed when the camera body didn’t recognize the lens (lens failed to initialize). So it’s all back in the box and I’ll be sending everything in to Nikon ASAP.

I will keep you updated, but for now I have lost my enthusiasm. I plan to keep shopping around.

So today’s photos are as follows:

1: Rebekah getting her check up with the endocrinologist. We are looking at all the data and it is fascinating. One small pinprick of blood can tell the story of more than a month of sugar levels… in five minute increments. It is possible to identify trends, critique how we are managing the day-to-day of Type One, and make critical adjustments.

2: Naomi captured the next one at the wedding reception; Rebekah watching all the action on the dance floor.

3: I took another fun image of the bride from around the corner, looking over at the reflection in the library building. Lindsay was “working it” with the official photographers.

4: Finally, me with my mum’s good friend Janice at the airport. Janice very kindly flew in to spend the weekend with mum while we were away. They go all the way back to Sarasota in the 1980’s. Janice, who is also a wonderful artist, has a huge and generous heart and we are so grateful for her.

I pray that you all have an amazing weekend, and that – wherever you are – the regenerative beauty of springtime has its way with you – DEREK

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