My New Nikon z50 Walks the Neighborhood

Let us speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty—
    and meditate on your wonderful works.

Psalm 145:5
– Nikon z50

So far I am extremely pleased with this new camera. I especially appreciate the way it processes light. And in photography, light – of course – is everything.

I am still getting used to the “mirrorless” aspect. When I put my eye to the viewfinder there’s either nothing there or I see the last picture I took! I still can’t remember to touch the focus button first.

– Maul Hall

Hence all this “putting it through its paces” over the past couple of days. I need the operation to become a reflex so I can get back to paying attention to the image rather than the equipment.

Here we have some examples from yesterday’s “test walk” around our immediate neighborhood. What strikes me about the images is the clarity.

You can see farther into the trees, pick out more details in the flowers, and – in the pictures of Max especially – feel as if you could reach out and touch him. And I didn’t even upload full-sized images!

Anyway, you get the idea. I am very pleased with the first shakedown. Monday Rebekah and I took a walk around the seminary campus and I plan to share some of those pictures later today.

May we all have the eyes to see and the hearts to appreciate the beauty of this earth, and the goodness of our Creator.



    • Thanks. Yes, it’s a great place to live. More photos later today. It’s taking some getting used to to shoot a non- SLR – but the advantages so far are huge.


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