Five random images for Photo Friday

Just five random images for this week’s Photo Friday. I’m still experimenting with the new camera, then there are a couple featuring the grandchildren.

I am especially happy to be able to share a picture of our three and a half year old grandson, Mr. T, in Bahrain. Like his Orlando cousin, Geoffrey, he loves to see the garbage truck come through the neighborhood. Mr. T. sang “Happy Birthday” to me earlier in the week, via video chat; he is overflowing with enthusiasm, smiles, and lots of silliness!

Naomi’s photograph of Beks and Geoffrey with their puppy is classic. I wish I also had one of David getting inducted into the Elementary National Honor Society – they are both doing so well in school. I know we saw the family at the beginning of the month, but that seems such a long time ago!

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more after our adventure to Duke Gardens.

Peace and love – DEREK

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