Photographs from Paschal, an oasis at the heart of Wake Forest

One of Wake Forest’s unique characteristics is a golf course in the middle of the town. “Paschal” is the simple nine hole track that served as the home of Wake Forest University golf before the school moved to Winston Salem in the 1950’s.

Arnold Palmer famously played his college golf here and – apart from regular mowing and basic maintenance – the course has remained essentially unchanged since.

But it is a beautiful piece of land, and I want to highlight the views today because in this hyper exploitative development climate Paschal is undoubtedly at risk and that would be a terrible crime.

The other reason these photos are in my feed today is the fact that I took them Tuesday, when I played Paschal with my friend George and recorded the lowest score of my golfing life. Sometimes golf just works for me and this was one of those days!

So I am grateful for fun, grateful for Wake Forest, grateful for friends, and grateful for God’s good creation.

Enjoy the photographs – DEREK

pics in order as we went around:

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